Exhibition opening i Bergen

Exhibition opening i Bergen

We are opening an exhibition in Bergen, at Galleri Christinegaard (adress:  Formanns vei 3) on the 5th of April at 19.00. The exhibition will show the newest textile works made for the project “Garment Exchange”. It is opened all weekends (Saturday-Sunday) 12.00-16.00 until 29th of April.

What stories do our clothes carry? Can one single garment say something profound about its owner? That’s what we are exploring in this upcoming exhibition called:

A task for two: Garment exchange
Find a garment that holds a special significance for you. Write a short text about why you chose this. Let this garment be the starting point for an artwork, max. 150×150 cm in size. You’re free to use any expression or technique.
Trade garment with your partner. Do the same with the new piece of clothing you just required.


“I was thirteen when the Soviet Union collapsed. We had school uniforms in the Soviet schools. Uniforms are made to streamline the ones wearing them, make them invisible. You should know that you are one of many: insignificant.
The only way we could stand out was to decorate the collar or the cuffs. We crocheted and embroidered on the white fabric. The collars had to be taken off every weekend, washed, ironed and sewn back on again perfectly before Monday.”

Information on FB you can find here: Task for two: Garment exchange.

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