Entertwine is a visual art collaboration between Karina N. Presttun and Kristina D. Aas.
Two pieces from the newest collaborative project “Garment Exchange” will be shown at “ Springexhibition“, Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, 1 of February  to 10th of March 2019.

Garment Exchange has been shown in Vilnius at gallery Artifex and at Christinegård in Bergen in 2018.
To of their woven works are at the moment displayed at Textile Triennial: “Artapestry 5”, in Romania.
In 2017 two of their works were shown at Textile Biennial in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Exhibition “Shed” was shown at  “Hå Gamle Prestegård” outside of Stavanger, Norway,
“Vines” was shown at Kraft in Bergen during the spring of 2016, and “Entertwine” opened in the autumn at Kunstbanken in Hamar.

The Idea

About the exhibition

KRISTINA DAUKINTYTĖ AAS and KARINA NØKLEBY PRESTTUN have had a close professional relationship since they met at the Department of Fine Art at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB). Kristina graduated with a master’s degree in 2011, and Karina graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2009.
The common ground between these two artists is their interest in textiles. The materials serve as the foundation for an idea, which in turn take new directions and flourish into its individuality and distinctiveness in the process. Both artists employ digital instruments frequently: Kristina through her work with digital jacquard-weaves, characterised by complex woven-in designs, and Karina through her computerized laser-cutter, but in close dialogue with the textiles themselves.

What stories do our clothes carry? Can one single garment say something profound about its owner? That’s what they are exploring in this upcoming exhibition at Gallery Christinegaard (in Bergen, Norway). They have given themselves a task to solve:

A Task for two: Garment exchange

Find a garment that holds a special significance for you. Write a short text about why you chose this. Let this garment be the starting point for an artwork, max. 150×150 cm in size. You’re free to use any expression or technique.

Trade garment with your partner. Do the same with the new piece of clothing you just required.

The Garment exchange can be seen as an extension of their jacquard woven self-portraits from 2017. The three months they had to prepare for the exhibition has been spent sharing ideas and photos of the two chosen garments, and they have produced a series of new textile works in different techniques. Kristina has been exploring an RGB-inspired way of mixing colour in her woven works, and Karina has been working with stencils and spraypaint.

In addition to woven works, Kristina and Karina exhibit video and textile collages.

Karina Nøkleby Presttun

Firing her lasers

Karina Nøkleby Presttun (b. 1981 in Bergen, Norway) started to work with textiles as a teenager. She learned to sew from her mother, and used old clothes and curtains to make new ones. She still uses mainly second-hand fabrics. She has pursued both creative writing and graphic design.

Eventually it was her interest of dyeing and bleaching fabrics that led her to apply for KHIB (Bergen Academy of Art and Design) where she started in 2006. For her bachelor in 2009, Karina made a large format textile collage where all the pieces were cut out on a laser cutter, giving it an almost photographic feel. The piece depicted a group of male friends that Karina continued to work with later on. Her friends and family are often present in her pieces, either as models or devoted helpers. After making a series of collages, she started working more sculpturally.

Kristina Daukintytė Aas

Jacquard superhero

Kristina Daukintytė Aas (b. 1978 Klaipėda, Lithuania) works with digital jacquard weave, embroidery, installations, video and collage. In her works she appeals to our tactile sense through a deliberate and steady craftsmanship. She questions our perceptual understanding and the relationship we have with our surroundings.

Kristina graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2011. Since 2013, she has been working mostly with digital jacquard weave: a technique that unites the old way of thinking on woven surface with the new digital technology. She works as a textile designer at Innvik AS, a weaving mill in Western Norway.

Kristina’s clear understanding of textile techniques, both through her artistic career and work in the industry gives her a reflective attitude on today´s artisanal handcraft. At the same time she is developing her own visual idiom. Her works have similarity  that they change expression from looking flat and complex to having dimension and visual depth, depending on the viewer’s standpoint. Both the technical aspect and the meaning that occurs in the woven layers, provides a quiet yet disturbed message.

Kristina portrait


Latest information about what happens, how it happens and why it happens

Participation at Spring exhibition

We are happy to participate with two jacquard woven works at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2019 in Copenhagen. “Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (Charlottenborg Foraarsudstilling) is one of the most important open submission exhibitions in Europe and...

Exhibition opening i Bergen

We are opening an exhibition in Bergen, at Galleri Christinegaard (adress:  Formanns vei 3) on the 5th of April at 19.00. The exhibition will show the newest textile works made for the project "Garment Exchange". It is opened all weekends (Saturday-Sunday) 12...

Artapestry 5

We are happy to have two of our collaborative works presented at "Artapestry 5". There are 40 works on display, which are selected by a three-person jury representing the ETF-European Tapestry Forum. The works are selected from 118 submitted. Exhibition ope...


The process of the work with a project ``Garment exchange``
Exhibition Shed @ Hå Gamle Prestegård
Working before exhibition Shed
Exhibition @ KUNSTBANKEN
Exhibition opening @ KUNSTBANKEN
The Process
VINE – Kristina Aas og Karina Nøkleby Presttun @ KRAFT

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